Discipline Pyramid of Intervention

Tier 1 - Productive Classroom Environment (Teacher Responsibility)

Behaviours that occur in the classroom and interfere with the learning of self and/or others. 

 Examples are:

  • Not having appropriate equipment and materials
  • Sleeping
  • Being off task but not disrupting others
  • Failure to turn in homework/failing to complete assignments
  • Failure to bring signed materials from home
  • Agenda notebooks not completely filled in daily
  • Wearing caps and/or outer garments in school
  • Failing to follow the reasonable request of a teacher
  • Talking out
  • Horseplay
  • Disturbing another student in any way
  • Being out of seat without permission
  • Showing disrespect/defiance
  • Improper use of equipment and/or materials

CONSEQUENCES – Consequences for Tier 1 misbehaviour can range from a minimum of a “look” in the vicinity of the problem to a maximum of a parent conference and/or detention administered by the student’s classroom teacher.  Time out can occur either before or after school, during the noon hour, or during recess.

Tier 2 - Orderly Environment… (Teacher and Principal jointly share responsibility)

Orderly environment – Behaviours that occur outside the classroom that are not intended to cause physical or mental harm to another individual, are not illegal, but do negatively affect an orderly environment. 

Examples are:

  • Disruptive behaviours in the hallway
  • Disruptive behaviours at a school activity
  • Disruptive behaviours before and after school
  • Disruptive behaviours while at recess
  • Absence/skipping/tardy/truancy
  • Solicitation (selling unauthorized items at school)
  • Inappropriate use of the internet
  • Destruction o\or defacement of school property or property of others
  • Inappropriate display of affection
  • Inappropriate clothing
  • Repeated failure to report for teacher initiated detention
  • Forgery
  • Inappropriate language and gestures
  • Disrespect of classmates, teachers, and other school staff
  • Verbal arguments/name calling
  • Disruptive and/or disrespectful behaviour when a substitute teacher is present

CONSEQUENCES – Consequences for Tier 2 misbehaviour can range from a detention with the teacher to a conference with the principal and/or parent to suspension from school.  Referral to outside agencies may also occur.

Tier 3 - Safe Environment… Highest Priority (Principal Responsibility)

Safe Environment – Behaviours that are intended to cause another individual physical or mental harm and/or are illegal.  Examples are:

  • Weapons (possession or use of)
  • Theft
  • Fighting – Assault or battery of any kind
  • Intimidation/extortion./threats/verbal
  • Harassment
  • Gross disrespect and/or defiance toward and adult (cursing, name calling)
  • Alcohol/drugs/tobacco (possession, sale, or use of)
  • Sexual harassment of any kind

CONSEQUENCES – Consequences for Tier 3 misbehaviour can range from a minimum of a one-day suspension from school to a maximum of an expulsion from school. Referral to outside agencies will also occur.