Student Discipline & Suspension

Relational Discipline

At Menno Simons Christian School, we believe in coming along side our students whenever a disciplinary infraction occurs. We come to the children with a “How can I help you?” approach. We believe that every action is the result of a need not being met, and we want our kids to know that we will help them meet that need.

This does not mean there are not consequences for behaviours, however we review the behaviours and institute the consequences according to each individual student and action, trying to always understand the why. We work as a team to offer a group of supportive people, involving parents when there is a desire as well as if there is a need, and we give the children options in who they might feel safest with. When there are students who have repetitive negative behaviours, a team member with a strong connection to the child will take the student in and mentor them. The team member offers a safe space to talk, and help the student figure out ways to resolve issues in a healthy, positive, Christ-like way.

The team member also looks for ways to fill all of that student’s needs. At Menno Simons Christian School, we inform parents of behaviours and consequences that are pertinent to their child, and try to work with the families to support their children. We want to work together with the home to create the best version of their children.